The Realm BBS

"To boldly go where no one has gone before", it is best to know where we have been.

Like the Great Wonders of the World, there was a time (1990-2000) when BBSes established the first golden age of digital connectivity. They were the original places where people could chat (with people and AI), exchange e-mail, exchange files, partipate in forums, read the news, and play games online. They were the ancestors of today's social media hubs.

The Realm BBS was a fun hobby-project created by an imaginative child to connect with interested friends and family. Today, it is recreated using Rob Swindell's Synchronet with the goal of leaving an interactive trace of history for all to enjoy and use as an educational tool for the future generations.

Entry to The Realm

Entry Key

In order to keep The Realm BBS as safe as possible, entry is currently by invitation only. Please contact NeoArata if you are interested in joining.

Web Browser

Connecting over HTTP via this webpage is the simplest method for modern computer users. Simply click on the "Connect via Telnet" button and login to the BBS.


For best BBS experience, establish a secure SSH connection using a PC terminal emulator such as SyncTerm. Use the following connection parameters:

Connection Type: SSH
TCP Port: 8890

Mobile SSH

On mobile devices, the following tools have been found to offer a decent BBS experience:

Android: JuiceSSH
IOS: Termious

Use the same connection parameters as PC SSH.

Forgotten Realms

Curious to explore another mysterious land, perhaps long lost and forgotten?


Menu Keys: 1=DOWN 7=UP
Movement Keys: Number Pad or 1-9
Use the SAVE button at top left corner to persist your progress (in addition to saving via the game menu(s))).